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Union City, GA Used Cars for $4000

$4000 Used Autos in Atlanta

Easily locate pre-owned automobiles for sale near Union City for $4000 by using our used car search engine. No matter what price range or make or model easily track down available second hand vehicles in your area using the tool below.


1994 FORD Thunderbird
Price: $3,599   |   Miles: 79,000   |   Location:

A 1994 FORD Thunderbird for $3,599 with 79,000 miles located in made available from a used car dealer in .

2001 LEXUS ES 300
Price: $3,999   |   Miles: 178,182   |   Location:

A 2001 LEXUS ES 300 for $3,999 with 178,182 miles located in made available from a used car dealer in .

2005 SCION xB
Price: $3,250   |   Miles: 223,485   |   Location:

A 2005 SCION xB for $3,250 with 223,485 miles located in made available from a used car dealer in .

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2014 DODGE Challenger

2014 DODGE Challenger
Price: $17,500 - Miles: 88,086
, 30052
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